Asus PCE-AC66 Driver Download & Manual


Asus PCE-AC66 Driver Download

Asus PCE-AC66 Driver Download for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 with an official download link from the site For easy installation and use of Asus PCE-AC66 Software, we also include installation Manual & Document.


Asus PCE-AC66 Driver & Tools Download

# Name Download
1  Asus PCE-AC66 Driver Wireless Software 7  Vista  XP
2  Asus PCE-AC66 Driver Utilities Software 8  7  Vista  XP


Asus PCE-AC66 Drivers & Software User Manual

# Name Download
1 ASUS PCE-AC66 QSG (Quick Start Guide) for multiple languages download


Asus PCE-AC66 Product Information

The ASUS PCE-AC66 is a brand new 802.11ac Wi-Fi PCI Express adapter that updates your desktop computer from tangle-some Ethernet wires to carefree industry-leading 802.11ac at around 1.3Gbps. Additionally, the stylish external magnetized antenna foundation provides you with more flexibility in correcting antenna positioning to receive the best signal reception quality potential.


Asus PCE-AC66 Driver
Asus PCE-AC66


Robust two-way transmission plus a signal-boosting high-gain layout give the PCE-AC66 enhanced two-way communication which extends Wi-Fi selection and coverage up to 150 percent in contrast to generic client apparatus. This elongated reach means the removal of dead spots in any place. Offering uninterrupted and fast HD streaming and comfortable multiplayer gaming where you might be.


Using its PCI Express interface, the PCE-AC66 plugs into almost any motherboard to present your desktop computer an instant 802.11ac Wi-Fi update, with accessibility to rates of around 1.3Gbps. Since it links directly to the motherboard. There are no messy wires to mess your computing environment. And also no dedicated power source is necessary.


The three detachable antennas of this PCE-AC66 may be placed remotely through bundled extension wires. A magnetized stand comes from the box, which may readily attach to several surfaces for more positioning choices. By creating the antennas portable, the layout offers more flexibility in selecting locations for higher signal quality and reception.


The extra heatsink employs highly-conductive aluminum to eliminate heat from the chipset, ensuring better reliability for continuous operation. Reduced temperatures translate into a stable apparatus in all weather conditions, even during warm summers, and increased stability means more constant connectivity and more product lifespan. Additionally, the heatsink was crafted for a fashionable appearance, once more revealing ASUS continually goes past the spec.

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